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About LCD

Laboratory of Cellular Dynamics

The Laboratory of Cellular Dynamics (LCD) was built on visionary concept in 1999 in which the spatiotemporal order of molecular society in the cell is fundamental to life and health.

The Head of LCD is Dr. Xuebiao Yao who received his Ph.D. from University of California at Berkeley under Professor John Forte's supervision in 1995. Dr Yao then pursued a prompt postdoctoral fellowship at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research in San Diego with Professor Don Cleveland before joining the faculty of the University of Wisconsin-Madison as an Assistant Professor in 1998. Dr. Yao was appointed as one of the first set of Chueng Kong Scholar by the Ministry of Education in 1999. He was also recognized by the Natural Science Foundation of China as an Outstanding Young Scientist in 1999. Dr. Yao initiated and headed the State-sponsored Key Basic Science project (973) titled "Regulatory protein interacting networks underlying cell division" in 2002. He also headed a Cheung Kong Innovative Team named "Cellular Dynamics & Chemical Biology of Kinetochore" sponsored by the Ministry of Education in 2013 and led a new team named "Dynamic Centromere Assembly and Its Regulation" sponsored by Natural Science Foundation of China in 2016.

The main research interest in LCD is centered on the molecular delineation of principles and mechanisms governing cellular plasticity and dynamics using state-of-the-art optics coupled with chemical probes. The ultimate goal of LCD is to translate the benchtop excitements to precision cure for life-threaten diseases such as tumor metastasis.

Among many affiliated responsibilities, Dr. Yao serves as an Associate Editor of Journal of Molecular & Cell Biology and BMC Cell Biology in addition to editorial board members of members of Journal of Biological Chemistry, Cell Research and Cell Discovery.

Dr. YAO Xuebiao
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Laboratory of Cellular Dynamics Leader


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Cell Metobolism, Autophage and Plasticity

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