Associate Professor GUO Zhen

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GUO Zhen(郭振)

(+86) 0551-3607141

(+86) 0551-3607141
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Cell Dynamics and Extracellular Cues

The extracellular matrix (ECM) is fundamental to the form and function of soft connective tissues. Cells within these tissues establish the ECM during development, maintain it in health, remodel it during adaptations and repair it in response to disease and injury. Interactions between cells and their extracellular matrix regulate a wide variety of cellular processes of crucial importance for cell behavior such as migration, growth, differentiation, embryonic development, immune responses, cell death/survival ,cell-cell adhesion and so on.
Our lab focus on proteins which provide a platform for the transmission of signals in responses to extracellular cues, such as Ezrin, ARF6, ACAP4. Meanwhile, These proteins provide a regulated linkage between the membrane and the underlying cytoskeleton. We devote to utilize cell biology technology, molecular biology technology, advanced microscopy techniques (deconvolution microscopy, super resolution microscopy technology) to revealthe mechanism of Cell-ECM crosstalk and Cytoskeleton–ECM functional relevance.We also develop the proteomics technology to discover the function of protein post-translational modification (such as phosphorylation and acetylation) in Extracellular Cues Dynamics.

郭 振,博士,副教授,硕士生导师
2006年毕业于中国科学技术大学并获细胞生物学博士学位。随后在中国科学技术大学化学与材料学院从事博士后研究。郭振博士在攻读博士学位期间于2003年10月在美国海洋生物学实验室主办的生物医学显微镜成像技术应用研讨班学习,并于2005年在美从事一年的细胞动力学及多分子活细胞成像研究。读博期间曾获谈家桢九源奖学金(二等),博士后工作期间曾获第四十批中国博士后科学基金(二等资助)、中国科学院王宽诚博士后工作奖。2009年8月作为中国科技大学优秀人才引进,现为生命科学学院副教授。广泛从事了细胞膜与细胞骨架动力学、细胞有丝分裂调控的生物学研究。共发表SCI 文章19篇。

1. 细胞极性和可塑性;
2. 细胞迁移;
3. 胞吞和胞吐;

1. 谈家桢九源奖学金
2. 中国科学院王宽诚博士后工作奖
3. 张宗植优秀青年教师奖
4. 杨亚基金-爱岗敬业奖
5. 研究生教育教学成果二等奖
5. 中国科学技术大学优秀教材奖

1.《细胞生物学荧光技术原理和应用》第一版(参编),中国科学技术大学出版社,安徽省高等院校 "十一五" 省级规划教材
3.《细胞生物学实验》第一版(主编),中国科学技术大学出版社,中国科学技术大学精品教材( "十一五" 、 "十二五" 国家重点图书出版规划项目)

Selected Publications (# equal contribution; * corresponding author )

  1. Zhou, R#, Guo, Z#, Watson, C, Chen, E, Kong, R, Wang, W and Yao, X. Polarized distribution of IQGAP proteins in gastric parietal cells and their roles in regulated epithelial cell secretion. Molecular Biology of Cell  2003,14: 1097-108  (coauthor)
  2. Wang, H#, Guo, Z#, Wu, F, Long, F., Cao, X, Liu, B, Zhu, Z, and Yao, X. PKA-mediated protein phosphorylation protects Ezrin from Calpain I cleavage. Biochemical Biophysical Research Communication; 2005,333: 496-501  (coauthor)
  3. Wang S#, Guo, Z#, Xia P, Liu T, Wang J, Li S, Sun L, Lu J, Wen Q, Zhou M, Ma L, Ding X, Wang X, Yao X. Internalization of NK cells into tumor cells requires ezrin and leads to programmed cell-in-cell death. Cell Res. 2009 Sep 29. (coauthor)
  4. Liu J, Wang Z, Jiang K, Zhang L, Zhao L, Hua S, Yan F, Yang Y, Wang D, Fu C, Ding X, Guo, Z*, Yao X*. PRC1 cooperates with CLASP1 to organize central spindle plasticity in mitosis. J Biol Chem. 2009 Aug 21;284(34):23059-71. (Corresponding author)