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DOU Zhen

Associate professor

GUO Zhen

Associate professor

JIN Changjiang

Associate professor

WANG Dongmei

Associate professor

LIU Xing

Associate professor

Postdoctor GAO Xinjiao

Chemical Biology and Bioinformatics

Postdoctor Yu Huijuan


Postdoctor WANG Wenwen

Kinesin and Microtubule dynamics in mitosis

Dr. ZHUANG Xiaoxuan

CDK1-TIP60-Aurora B/PP2A cascade in mitosis

Dr. MO Fei

CDK1-TIP60-Aurora B/PP2A cascade in mitosis

Liu Wei

Persistence is a kind of character!

XU Leilei


DUAN Hequan

PLK1-PP1/Sds22-Aurora B signaling axis orchestrates chromosome segregation in mitosis

Qin Bo

Functional regulation of NDP52 in spindle orientation and genomic stability

SONG Xiaoyu

Membrane-Cytoskeleton Linker Protein Ezri and microtubule plus end tracking protein EB1 function

LIU Yingying

Molecular dissection of CDK14 in cell division

HUANG Yuanyuan

Functional and mechanistic research of tumor suppressor LKB1 in cell plasticity regulation

WU Huihui

Regulatory mechanisms of methylation on Plk1 during mitosis

Mechanisms and functions of non-apoptotic cell death

DING Mingrui



The function of Bubin in Mitosis

FANG Jingwen

The mechanism behind the assembly of the centromere nucelosome

GUI Ping

Exploring the molecular basis of the kinetochore of localization of human Mps1 kinase

ZHAO Gangyin

Microtubule Dynamics and Kinetochore in mitosis

YANG Fengrui

Kinetochore associated proteins?in mitosis and microtubule dynamic

WANG Xueying

Kinesin and Microtubule dynamics in mitosis


Molecular delineation of MCAK methylation by SET7/9


I am slow walker, but I never walk back.

Saima Akram

To determination the effect of small molecular inhibitors on mitosis.

Safir Ullah Khan

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